Probate Court of Dooly County

Traffic Court - Minor Offenses Only
NO FAX Filings Accepted
Pro Se Litigants (without Attorney) If in doubt as to proper procedure it is recommended that your consult an attorney.  All defendants must sign a waiver of a jury trial.  (Note:  Pleas of Guilty defendant may sign the back of the citation which includes the waiver)

Court will not advise you or explain court procedures or prepare documents or filings on your behalf. All deadlines are must be followed. It is the defendant’s responsibility to have researched all laws pursuant to his/her offense(s) and follow all guidelines for their individual case as set forth under GEORGIA law. (Out of State defendants must comply with Georgia law on all procedures filed.)

Traffic Court:

Citations – Georgia State Patrol / Dooly County Sheriff’s Department / Public Service Commission / Department of Transportation / Department of Natural Resources – Game & Fish Violations

Non-Suspendible Offense(s) – May satisfy court by paying by mail (MONEY ORDER ONLY!!!) No Personal Checks

  1. Call Probate Court #342 to inquire amount due at least one week after date of issuance.
  2. Follow automated attendant instructions.
    1. Enter citation number using numerical characters only. (Omit any alpha characters shown on citation)
    2. Enter date of birth using an (8) eight-digit format. (January 1, 1950 would be entered – 01011950)
  3. Automated Attendant will give amount due and the court summons date which is the court arraignment date
  4. Defendants that wish to contest the citation must either personally appear or have all the required paperwork filed with the court by the summons/arraignment date and must have the required cash bond. (Court staff will not advise or prepare the required paperwork for either the defendant or their attorney.)
  5. Judge will not plea-bargain with either the attorney or the defendant.
  6. All cases filed with this court will be processed as written not as the defendant or the attorney would prefer.

Suspendible Offense(s) – Driving Under the Influence DUI / Possession of Marijuana < one ounce VGCSA

(Require MANDATORY Probation – Requiring a personal court appearance) Driving With Suspended or Revoked License / Driving Without Insurance or Driving Without Proof of Insurance

All defendants will be notified at the last known address and/or the address shown on the driver license of the date and time to appear. ALL Georgia residents MUST personally appear. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Attorneys may appear with the defendant at arraignment however, this will not preclude the defendants required appearance for sentencing. (Plea of Guilty or NoLo Contendere entered – defendant will be sentenced immediately and interviewed by the Probation Officer before leaving the jurisdiction of the court.