Probate Court of Dooly County

Probate Attorneys
No FAX filings accepted

Attorney will be responsible for fully completing any Probate procedure filed. (Court staff will not complete any portion of any procedure filed.)


  1. Filing fee must be received at time of filing
  2. Balance will be required immediately or as soon as court staff can calculate the cost.
  3. Letters will not be issued until all cost have been paid in full.
  4. Procedures requiring sheriff’s service will require fee in advance
  5. Attorneys must provide court with stamped addressed envelopes where specified by code.
  6. Any expense incurred by the court for certified mailing etc. will be charged to the estate.
  7. All hearings will be scheduled at a later date.
  1. Same rules apply as in estates
  2. Court requires Attorney make arrangements for Doctor evaluation / notify the court of the specifics such as address, date and time of appointment.
  3. Court will send forms to the Doctor for evaluation report.
  4. Court will schedule hearing dates. Attorney’s schedules will be considered and cases will place on calendar according to the code.
  5. Court will serve all parties as required by law.