Probate Court of Dooly County

Court House History...

The Dec. 24, 1821 act organizing Dooly County provided that until the inferior court designated a county seat, court sessions initially be held in the house of Isaac Jones. A Dec. 10, 1823 act made the house of John Goldsmith temporary courthouse until a courthouse could be built. An act passed Dec. 20, 1824 continued Goldsmith's house as the temporary courthouse.

At some point, a wooden courthouse was built in Drayton. In Dec. 1841, the legislature moved the county seat from Drayton back to Berrien, which it renamed Vienna. The legislation directed Dooly County officials to make the move by Feb. 1, 1842 -- so presumably a courthouse was quickly erected in early 1842. This wooden building burned in 1847 and was replaced by another wooden courthouse in 1849. This structure was later replaced by the current courthouse in 1892 (see early photo). The courthouse was renovated in 1963 and again in the late 1980s.
Source: University of Georgia